Phenom-100 (4-Seat)


This is Per Hour Rate.

Other Charges– Positioning Charge (Aircraft Station to Travel Origin + Travel Destination to Aircraft Station Flt Hrs.); Holding Charge- 100000 per day; Crew Stay- 40000 per day and other Incidental charges. GST Applicable (18%)

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  • High cruising speed on short routes: The Phenom 100 combines the performance of a jet with the ergonomics of a turboprop. As a result, it exceeds expectations of the potential performance of an entry-level jet. In the words of one customer: “With the Phenom 100, we reach our destination in significantly less time than with the turboprob it replaces.”
  • Low cost Jet: Phenom-100 is very light Jet at the cost of small Turboprops.
  • Wide cabin: The Phenom 100 has a large cabin cross-section and offers more head and legroom than many competitors. Depending on the configuration, there is room for 4 to 6 passengers in the cabin without feeling cramped. The large windows give the cabin a light and bright feel-good ambience.
  • Storage options: Depending on the configuration, either a fifth seat or a spacious wardrobe is available in the cabin. The luggage compartment is located in the rear of the jet and can be conveniently accessed from the outside via a generous cargo door. The 1.5 cubic metre volume offers enough space for four golf bags, four pieces of hand luggage and four laptop bags. A separate baggage area in the front is available for the crew.