Cessna Citation CJ2 (6-Seat)


This is Per Hour Rate.

Other Charges– Positioning Charge (Aircraft Station to Travel Origin + Travel Destination to Aircraft Station Flt Hrs.); Holding Charge- 150000 per day; Crew Stay- 60000 per day and other Incidental charges. GST Applicable (18%)

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  • Reasonable rental prices: From the beginning, the Citation CJ2/CJ2+ has been praised for itsĀ low purchase and operating costs. Since even the newest rental models have been in service for at least five years, renters can benefit from additional cost advantages.
  • Proven series: The first Light Jet of the popular series took off some 30 years ago. Since then, countless iterations have been tested and optimised – without, however, calling the basic design principles into question. All in all, the CJ family has clocked up a staggering five million flight hours.
  • High availability: As the best-selling Citation jet for several years, it can be assumed that the CJ2/CJ2+ aircraft will be widely available. The availability is by no means limited to the American mother continent of the aircraft manufacturers: The light jets are also frequently found in Europe.
  • Continuity: Not all aircraft series can remain on the market for decades. In recent years, many aircraft manufacturers have had to consolidate their portfolios due to difficult market conditions. However, there is no end in sight for the popular CJ series. This is rewarded by owners and pilots through many years of loyalty to the familiar aircraft family.
  • Roomy Cabin for a small aircraft.
  • Generous Baggage space.