Hawker 800/900 (6-8 Seat)


This is Per Hour Rate.

Other Charges– Positioning Charge (Aircraft Station to Travel Origin + Travel Destination to Aircraft Station Flt Hrs.); Holding Charge- 200000 per day; Crew Stay- 100000 per day and other Incidental charges. GST Applicable (18%)

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Roomy and Comfortable Cabin

With a 604 cubic ft. cabin, the aircraft surpasses all others in its class. Features of the cabin include stand-up headroom, LCD lighting, touch-screen seat controls, fully-berthable seats and plenty of in-cabin storage. The cabin accommodates up to eight passengers.

Fly Non Stop

The Beechcraft Hawker 900XP has a range of 2,733 miles and you will fly non-stop through the country and to neighboring countries.