Cessna Citation XLS+ (8 Seats)


This is Per Hour Rate.

Other Charges– Positioning Charge (Aircraft Station to Travel Origin + Travel Destination to Aircraft Station Flt Hrs.); Holding Charge- 200000 per day; Crew Stay- 100000 per day and other Incidental charges. GST Applicable (18%)

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  • Spacious passenger cabin: The Citation XLS+ offers generous head and shoulder room, allowing passengers to move and stretch out with ease. With a width of 167 cm, the XLS+ is one of the largest midsize jets. Both the XLS and Plus variants feature extra-wide, sliding seats for maximum flexibility.
  • Crease-free travel: The wardrobe in the Citation XLS+ enhances cabin functionality and provides additional storage space. The luggage capacity of 317 kilograms allows travellers to carry more – around 17 pieces of luggage in total.
  • Safety and efficiency thanks to leading avionics technology: With the Garmin G5000, Cessna now uses one of the world’s most advanced avionics systems in its XLS+ jet. In daily operations, this means less work for the crew and a smoother and more efficient flight from A to B for the passengers. Many operators of Citation Excel and XLS jets also take advantage of Cessna’s aviation upgrade offer.
  • Reliable workhorse: Owners value the XLS and XLS+ for their reliability with a good payload-range ratio. This is underlined by two figures: 99.4 per cent of the delivered aircraft are still in service (as of 2021). And the worldwide fleet of the 560XL has accumulated an impressive five million flight hours to date.
  • Spacious Cabin
  • Generous Baggage space.