Private jet companies in India

There are two types of Aircraft Operations in India and almost everywhere in the world. First is Scheduled Aircraft Transport Service and the second is Non-Scheduled Air Transport Service. Scheduled Air Transport Service is operated by the Airlines like Air India, Indigo and Vistara Ailines etc. Non Scheduled Air Transport Service is also called Chartered Aircraft or Private Jet Charter Service. According to DGCA, there are about hundred Non Scheduled Aircraft Operators having total number of aircraft in India more than 300 aeroplanes and helicopters, most of which are available for charter. Also, there are many Air Charter booking brokers having large network of private jets and helicopters available for rent or charter. Following is the list of major Private jet and helicopter charter companies in India.

  1. Club One Air
  2. Redfalcon Aviation
  3. JetSetGo
  4. Air Charter Services
  5. Span Air
  6. Airrow Aircraft
  7. VSR Aviation
  8. Blue Ray Aviation
  9. Pinnacle Air

Private Jet Price in India

Curious about chartered Private Jet and Helicopter price in India? Well! it depends on where to where are you travelling, what time of year it is and what type of aircraft you book. You may be able to get two hours of flight for for about INR 2 lakhs or you may have to shell out more than 20 lakhs.

Types of Aircraft in India

There are many types of aeroplanes and helicopters in India. Most of the aeroplanes and helicopters have been imported from USA and some from Europe. Charter from 4 seater private jet or helicopter to about 12 seat business jet and luxury helicopter. Smallest single engine helicopter for charter is Robinson R44/R66 and smallest twin engine private jet aircraft is Phenom 100 which are suitable for up to 4 passengers depending on the distance you have to travel. While helicopters can travel to nearby city pairs like New Delhi- Jaipur, you may be able to travel between city pairs like New Delhi-Mumbai with this small airplane. Then there are other small and Midsize twin engine business jets like Cessna Citation CJ2, Citation XLS, Hawker 800/900 and twin engine turboprops aircraft Beechcraft King Air 250/350 which will take you with 2-3 additional passengers anywhere in India within 3 hours. These aircraft can carry about 6-8 passengers to most of the destinations in India. For international flights, there are aircraft like Dassault Falcon 2000 and Bombardier Challenger 350/605 which can carry up to 10 passengers anywhere in India or about 4 passengers to Middle East or Far East. You may even charter large private business jets like Bombardier Global 5000/6000 for long range flying for up to 12 passengers to Europe, USA or Australia.

How to book private jet and helicopter

It has become very convenient to charter private jet and helicopter in India, thanks to a number of Aircraft charter booking companies. Aircraft charter is a call away or can even be booked online.

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