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Technology has been evolving very fast and every year new technologies and tools disrupt old ones. While older employees will still be valuable in future, they need to continuously learn next generation skills in Information Technology. This way they can take on new assignments with knowledge and confidence. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and other digital skills are reshaping and recreating demand for skilled man power every year. A Deloitte Study in 2018 for EU population found that 43% lack basic digital skills, median age was 43.1 and 10% of employed were at the risk of poverty. Having the right skills can help candidates secure the most rewarding roles. In future, following hard skills and soft skills are desirable to adapt to rapidly evolving technologies and work environment. Get ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowd by learning the most in-demand next generation skills in Information Technology.

Top 10 hard skills in IT for next generation

1.Mobile Development

With the increasing use of mobile from gaming to shopping, mobile development skills are in high demand. According to Statista, number of mobile users has surpassed 4 billion globally. This is more than half of the world’s population that uses a mobile. China, India and USA have largest market share.  The use of mobile continues to grow which makes it a good time to invest in developing some skills in mobile.

Mobile application development is the process of creating software applications that run on a mobile device. A typical mobile application utilises a network connection to work with remote computing resources. Hence, the mobile development process involves these steps:

  • creating installable software bundles (code, binaries, assets, etc.)
  • implementing backend services such as data access with an API, and
  • testing the application on target devices.

There are two dominant mobile development platforms: Android and IOS. Cross Platform Development being most popular.

2.Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Most AI examples like chess-playing computers and self-driving cars rely heavily on deep learning and natural language processing. Using these technologies, computers can be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognising patterns in the data.

Artificial Intelligence has been around for some time now however it is still evolving and growing. It’s expected to change the way humans interact with the digital world. Staying on top of these trends, and investing in skills within AI will help you secure a role in this field.


Python is one of the most popular and sought-after programming languages today. Python allows developers to work in some of the most popular growing tech trends such as mobile and Artificial Intelligence. Some of the skills you need to become a Python Developer include expertise in Core Python, knowledge of web framework and analytical skills.

4.Data Science

Companies are in continuous pursuit of understanding their data, which has been generating an increasing demand for data scientists. Skills required to become a data scientist include:

  • programming
  • statistics 
  • machine learning
  • data wrangling
  • data intuition, and
  • software engineering.


Cybersecurity is still one of the biggest challenges for companies of all sizes, as they invest heavily in order to make sure they are protected. A 9.4% increase in spending on cybersecurity from 2018 to 2020 is expected. Therefore, if there was a time to start looking for a job in cybersecurity and the skills required for these jobs, it would be now.

6.Cloud Computing(AWS/GCP/AZURE)

The demand for qualified professionals in this field continues to grow and thus it is expected to be one of the high in-demand tech skills for 2020. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the biggest names in cloud services, Google GCP and MS Azure have been expanding aggressively. So, companies will require skilled individuals to create applications within the environment.


A study by Hired has found that the demand for Blockchain Engineers has increased by 517% in the past year, making it one of the top tech skills for 2020. Blockchain Engineers are also being offered huge pay packets, which proves how much skills within Blockchain are valued.

8. Extended Reality (Virtual/Augmented Reality)

The world of virtual reality is an emerging sector, which will continue to grow in 2020. According to Road to VR, the demand for candidates with virtual reality skills has increased 37% in the last year. If you are looking to develop new IT and tech skills then consider VR skills. Hot skills include designing and developing with 3D modelling software, programming and graphics programming.

9.Internet of Things (IoT)

Demand for many skills in IT has reached saturation point. However IoT  has room for a lot more developers. IoT is still one of the growing sectors of the tech world. According to, IoT is yet to reach its full potential as there is a lack of skilled individuals in the field. This makes IoT skills high in demand for 2020.

10.IT Support

IT Support candidates are continuously in demand. Businesses of all sizes will require the support of an IT Support specialist. There are a number of ways to get into IT Support, and you may even be able to do this without a degree. If you have not been to university or don’t intend to in the future, then you should consider investing time in getting qualifications such as Linux and Cisco.

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“New platforms and tools keep developing in existing and emerging technologies. That is why, investing in learning these skills will keep you ready to take on upcoming assignments and roles “

Top 5 soft skills for next generation : 

1. Creativity

Organisations big and small are emphasising on  creativity in devising solutions for day to day problems. They want to bring out new business ideas by connecting the dots which help them in maintaining dominant position in the game.

2. Negotiation/Persuasion 

Organisations are increasingly valuing the negotiating and persuasive skills where employees have interpersonal skill to persuade team leaders, team members and clients for achieving desired outcomes. 

3. Collaboration 

Working in collaboration in highly functional and dynamic teams is very essential to achieving desired goals. All organisations give very high importance to this skill, particularly in technology development and critical projects.

4. Adaptability 

Adapting to rapidly changing technological advancements and changing business environments is most essential skill for now and future.

5. Emotional Intelligence 

Ability to understand emotions of self and others and respond accordingly has become very valuable and desirable quality of employees. That is why, it is a must have skill for future.

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