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Aircraft Charter and Aircraft Lease Membership

We have network of more than 200 Aircraft in India which operate from major airports in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochin, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Guahati, Nagpur, Vishakhapatnam etc. We can plan flight to more than 100 airports (most of the airports that AAI manages) and privately managed airports like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Nanded, Kochin etc.

Redfalcon Aviation has a vast network of Aircraft in India and worldwide. We can plan Charter Flights from India and other countries to more two thousand IATA recognized airports and other eligible private airports in more than 100 countries.

Redfalcon Aviation operates chartered aircraft that have 4 to 14 passenger capacity along with generous luggage space for all passengers. Details of Passenger and Luggage weight will be required while booking the flight for Flight-Planning purpose.

Aircraft Charter/Lease/Ownership Options – Redfalcon Aviation provides Jet-Elite Aircraft Lease Membership, Fractional Ownership and Whole Ownership programs apart from regular on demand aircraft charter booking. You may also find very cheap travel sometimes on our Empty Leg Flights (ELF) when available.

Ground Transport from passenger address is not included in the Aircraft Charter but it can be arranged by Redfalcon Aviation. Inside Airport, Redfalcon Aviation has the arrangement for taking passengers to aircraft from airport terminal building by luxury cars.

Yes. Redfalcon Aviation would be happy to provide the best hotels at great prices through our travel agency network.

Flight Attendant is available on our Midsize and super Midsize aircraft and can be arranged for small aircraft on demand.

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Aircraft Ownership

Unlike a jet card model, fractional ownership offers guaranteed aircraft availability, better charter rates and tax benefits to owners.

Fractional ownership provides almost all the same tax advantages as full aircraft ownership, minus the burdens of hiring a crew and arranging maintenance and storage, arranging refueling, transport, flight clearance among other things. We sell shares in the aircraft of owners choice, then handle the operational and maintenance and regulatory demands. Shares come as small as 1/5th of a jet for 100 hours of flying annually, and as large as an entire plane offering 500 hours of flight time a year. At the end of the five year program, residual value of the aircraft will be paid back to the owners. You get guaranteed flying annually for your share. Unused hours may be rolled over to next year till the maximum validity period of five years. Flight plan must be scheduled a day before the day of flying for flights taking off in first half of 24 Hours Day (at least 6 hrs before departure). Any share of aircraft from 1/5th to whole aircraft may be purchased as per requirement or choice.

Yes. Redfalcon Aviation with its main base at New Delhi India, provides full Aircraft Acquisition, Airworthiness Management, Maintenance, and Operations management services. We handle all regulatory and operational complexities and your aircraft is always ready to go.

Redfalcon Aviation provides Jet-Elite Aircraft Annual Lease membership for flying on our fleet of business aircraft in India and globally. Currently Jet-Elite JE-50 and JE-100 Jet Leases are available with advance payment for 50 and 100 Hours. Thereby you get assured flying for 50 Hours and 100 Hours annually. Flight plan must be scheduled a day before the day of flying for flights taking off in first half of 24 Hours Day (at least 6 hours before departure). Aircraft You get the member only best rates on our network of aircraft in India and globally. This is suitable if you have committed flying and you want to mitigate the uncertainty of aircraft availability and air charter rates. This Aircraft Lease program has Tax Depreciation benefits as well.

Yes. The experienced and knowledgeable team of Redfalcon Aviation will shortlist the best available aircraft, either new or used/refurbished, that best suits your requirements. We handle all the risk and complexities from aircraft selection to Pre-Purchase Inspection, Acquision, Insurance, Import and registration.

With our experience in this area and tie-up with industry leaders, we will provide best advice on Leasing, Financing and Insurance options for the aircraft that you are acquiring or you own.

Cancellation & Refund

Redfalcon Aviation acts as consulting agent on behalf of the aircraft buyer. All the payments will be required to be made at various stages progressively.

It starts with Aircraft search and selection. When you like the shortlisted aircraft, we will have Pre-Purchase Inspection Agreement. Payment will be made as per the agreement and Pre-Purchase Inspection will proceed. When everything is acceptable and you want to buy the aircraft, Aircraft Sale-Purchage Agreement will be signed between Owner and Buyer. Payment will be done as per the agreed terms and aircraft import process will start as per our plan.

Our consultancy fee if not used, will be refundable if the aircraft buyer changes mind.

Aircraft Purchase payment once done, will be governed by the mutually signed agreement. Any dispute will be resolved as per the local court where the aircraft is located.

If Jet-Elite guaranteed hours are not used and Card holder wants to exit the program, he can do so provided his remaining hours are bought by new member. We make all efforts to resell the membership to a new member.

If the Fractional Owner wants to exit the program, he can do so provided his share with the remaining hours are bought by new owner. We make all efforts to resell the membership to a new member.

To confirm the Aircraft Charter service, flier has to make full advance payment as per the quote or agreed charter rates for the hours to be flown. Rest of the billed amount is payable before termination of the trip like extra hours, diversion, incidental charges etc.

If we cancel the Aircraft Charter due to any unforeseen circumstances, there will be full refund within 4 days from cancellation.

Advance booking provides better rates to the fliers. But if the flier changes mind and cancels the booked charter, following refund policy applies:

Time before Flight
(Excluding Day of Flight)
Cancellation Charge
>30 Days0%
30-16 Days 25%
4-15 Days 50%
<4 Days 100%