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All the aircraft in our fleet are well maintained, managed and audited periodically.




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Over 20 Years Of
Experience In Aircraft Sales, Charter And Management

Redfalcon Aviation has been engaged in professional services like Aircraft Sale, Procurement, Charter, Maintenance and Manage ment for more than 2 decades. We have expertise and ability to provide best services for business and leisure air travel in India and whole world.

Well maintained and Audited Aircraft

Aircraft you fly in are well maintained as per Aircraft Manufacturer and DGCA approved Maintenance Plan, at DGCA approved facilities. Periodical Internal Audit and DGCA Audits are conducted to maintain Airworthiness and Reliability at high standards.

Jet-elite Memberships and fractional ownership

Pick from our Jet-Elite Fly as you go Memberships and Fractional Ownership plans and fly on schedule whether it is for work or for leisure. Pay as yo go without facing hefty cost of assets, regulatory complications and operational complexities.

Jet-Elite 50 (JE-50)
I have 50 Hours of assured flying per month slot and I pay as I go.
Fredrick Taylor
Freeport, IL
Jet-Elite 100 (JE-100)
I have 100 Hours of assured flying per month slot and I pay as I go.
Norman Weaver
Syracuse, NY
Jet-Own 10 (JO-10)
I own 1/10th Aircraft and it fulfills all my flying needs without entire ownership cost and complexities
Mary Stephen
Walpole, MA