REDFALCON provides Attendance Management services for all Businesses with best technologies to ensure:

  • Both employees and their managers access an employee portal to view, apply, track, review, approve, or reject leave applications as appropriate.
  • Managers can view which of his/ her team members are punctual by viewing theirs in and out time over time. The attendance information is captured and displayed in real-time and not processed at the end of the day, week, or month.
    Managers can add or modify shifts for his/ her team members
  • On an attendance software, managers can approve or reject their team members’ attendance regularization requests.
  • You can use the GPS-based attendance capturing feature to track their mobile or on-site employees’ attendance without having to rely on client SPOC or biometric devices.
  • Both employees and managers can relax and not worry about whether attendance was captured accurately or not because of a real-time attendance software module. Both of them can focus on completing their projects and assignments rather than wasting everybody’s time and effort recording and mailing attendance details, approvals, and follow-ups.
  • A real-time attendance software enables a manager, who’s located in a remote location, to view who’s in!
  • Overtime and time management issues can be resolved between managers and his/ her employees based on accurate and real-time attendance data. Managers and his team members can eliminate all paperwork and emails regarding clarifications and doubts on attendance, as the system will show accurate and reliable data.
  • An excellent attendance module can allow managers to be alerted to early or late in/out swipes in real-time. Alerts like these can afford a manager the opportunity to address his/ her team members’ attendance issues early before they become larger problems.