About Us

Redfalcon Enterprises has presence broadly in three business verticals. Aviation, Project & Facility Management, and Staffing & Recruitment .

Redfalcon Aviation is a reliable and experienced partner in Aircraft Acquisition, Sale, Charter, Maintenance, Operation and Management.

Redfalcon Projects executes complete Project and Facility Development, Management and Operation, right from design to delivery and operation.

Redfalcon Staffing undertakes complete employee requirements of organisations and businesses, right from recruitment to deployment and management.

Redfalcon Aviation

Redfalcon Aviation is an experience and reliable agency in Aircraft Acquisition, Sales, Charter, Maintenance, Operation and Management. Through our vast network of Aircraft and facilities around the globe, we provide the best Aircraft ownership and charter flying experience to elite clients.

Air Charter Membership and Ownership Options

Jet-Elite Membership

You can choose from our Jet-Elite Memberships and pay as you go. All your business and leisure flying needs are taken care by us without the burden of ownership cost and complexities of aircraft operation.

Fractional Ownership

To have more control over cost and availability, you may choose to be 1/5 or 1/10 Owner of the aircraft that fits your needs and status.

Whole Ownership

If you want more privacy and exclusive business and leisure flying experience, you may choose to own complete aircraft. Redfalcon Aviation will provide you complete support in selection, acquisition and management of most suitable aircraft for your need and status.

Redfalcon Projects

Project Management

Redfalcon Projects undertakes project management from inception to execution and delivery. We execute full or part project. Whether it is your business expansion in other geographies or you you want to build new facility, we deliver the turn key plug and play facilities as per your requirement.

Facility management

We also do facility management of business, commercial and public facilities. Whether it is your Business Lounge or Airport Lounge, we establish, maintain and manage high standards.

Redfalcon Staffing


When your business is growing and you need the talent to support your growth, we fulfill your complete employee need from our talent pool.


Whether it is Campus Recruitment or Onsite Hiring, we undertake whole Recruitment work for you from Application and Screening to Selection and Onboarding. We take the complex burden of repetitive Recruitment from your organization and work as the extention of your company.


Whether it is a sales requirement or digital marking or any temporary work requirement, we provide best suited Freelancer for the job.